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International Air Services, Inc. is a professional aircraft registration company.  International Air Services, Inc. or IAS specializes in providing individual trust agreements to non U.S.A. citizens to enable them to legally register their aircraft on the American Federal Aviation Administration "N" register. We have been registering aircraft for non U.S.A. citizens since 1978. Our first customer was a non-American citizen FAA inspector. And we currently have non-American FAA inspectors as our client/trustors. We are also acting on behalf of banking and financial institutions who have loaned money to finance aircraft to non American citizens and wish to have a mortgage on the F.A.A. register with a reliable Trust company. We act on behalf of foreign flight schools that give F.A.A. pilot training in Europe on N registered aircraft. Further we have acted on behalf of aircraft manufacturers who have sold aircraft to purchasers who are not American citizens. Our company currently acts as Trustee for aircraft owners from Cessna 150s to Lear and Cessna Citations jets and even four engine jet airliners. Even though we have hundreds of aircraft owners with trusts, every customer is important to us.


International Air Services Inc. is simply the most economical way for non Americans to own an aircraft on the N register. Our service is to the highest standards yet our prices are the lowest available.


IAS can supply you with a fully approved Federal Aviation Administration agreement and all supporting documentation.


A non-U.S. citizen is not allowed to register an aircraft with the F.A.A. in his name; however he may register it through a trust agreement with an U.S.A. registered corporation.  IAS is just such a corporation.  We supply the Trust Agreement and all supporting documentation. 


There are two types of trusts that we can create for you.  One is wherein our company acts as your trustee.  The annual fee for this begins from $495.00 or £325.00 (British pounds).  Please contact us for  prices for your specific needs and aircraft. For the first year there is normally a $135.00 or £100.00 (British pounds) fee for the initial trust agreement and FAA registration of your aircraft but in some cases we can waive this fee. The other type of trust is wherein we set up one company specifically for your one aircraft and you have a seat on the Board of Directors if you so chose.  You also chose the name for the corporation.  The cost of this type of trust begins from £995.00 per year, which includes the annual cost of running the company, filing the annual list of directors and all other necessary corporate papers, paying for the required local corporate agent and paying the annual government fees. Other fees may apply depending on your individual requirements. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We aim to be the least expensive Trust company while offering excellent service. After all, most non Americans have their aircraft on the N register in order to save money.


Should you require immediate expedited F.A.A. registration, which involves a courier service and employing agents in Oklahoma City, there is an additional fee of £200.


We also offer custom registration numbers and title searches.


Should you wish to start a Trust, please email us with the registration number of the aircraft, the make and model of the aircraft and the serial number. We would need to know the legal name of the owners (Trustors) of the aircraft, their address for post and their physical address if different. If you have a company which is to be the Trustor, we would need to know the name of the company, whether it is a limited liability corporation or not and the name and legal position in the company of the officer who is responsible for the Trust. We also need to know the email addresses and telephone numbers where we can contact you.



Now some answers to questions we have been asked in the past.


"I am a bit worried about placing my aircraft in someone elseís name."


The F.A.A. states in writing that they do not issue title to us. Your name is filed with the F.A.A. as the owner so you are fully protected.


The F.A.A. specifically tells people that they do not issue certificates of title and that registration is not proof of ownership. Indeed, on the front of the registration certificate directly to the left of the name of the person or corporation that an aircraft is register to are the printed words: "Issued to" and to the right of the name it is printed: "This Certificate is issued for registration purposes only and is not a certificate of title". On the back of your registration card the very first statement printed on it is:  "Effect of Registrations.  Title 49 U. S. C. [United States Code] 44103(c)(2) provides: 'A certificate of registration issued under this section is not evidence of ownership of aircraft...'"  Further we will register your aircraft to International Air Services Inc., Trustee. The FAA will only issue a registration to a corporation with the word: "Trustee" if a F.A.A. approved Trust if filled with the FAA. The Trust must state who is the beneficial owner , i.e.Trustor. Therefore your name or your foreign corporation's name will be filed with the F.A.A. and that will show that you are the owner of your aircraft.


Under United States law, it has been held that the person or company that pays for an aircraft is the owner.  The F.A.A. is well practiced in allowing non-U.S.A. owners to place their aircraft in a U. S. A. Trustee's corporate name with no financial risk or jeopardy to the non-U.S.A. owner.  This system was originally designed so that foreign banks could purchase new Boeing jet liners at no risk to their investment but the law is the same for everyone whether a Cessna 150 or a Boeing 747 owner.


For this reason, most buyers of FAA registered aircraft employ the services of a title search company to search the FAA aircraft files in order to determine the legal owner of an aircraft.  We can have this service performed for you.  We can research any liens, mortgages, the number of registered owners, 337s, accidents and damage repair, as this is all required to be in the aircraft file.


"What is my risk if IAS gets into financial difficulties?"

Your aircraft is not an asset of the corporation. Every aircraft is registered to: International Air Services Inc., Trustee. The word "Trustee" is required by the FAA to show that the beneficial owner is the "Trustor", ie. you and that the FAA has the Trust on file showing who is the beneficial owner.


IAS is not a trading company.  It was set up only to register aircraft for non-U.S.A. citizens.  The maintenance, which we recommend, is not mandatory for Trust Holders and is done by separate contract directly between you and the F.A.A. inspector.  Therefore IAS should incur no liabilities which could affect your aircraft.


The Trust Agreement between you and our company is for registration purposes only.  You are not passing any kind of legal ownership interest to us.  Under American judicial law wherein we do not take physical delivery of your aircraft or lease it or schedule flights nor manage it nor have paid for the aircraft, we would have no legal right to the title to your aircraft or to your physical aircraft nor can any actions of our company encumber your title. You only pass registration rights to our company, which in and of itself has no monetary value. Your aircraft is therefore not an asset of our company and cannot be encumbered by our company to a third party.


If you wish to sell your aircraft or wish to discontinue using our company as your Trustee, we will take your instructions and execute the transfer documents on your instructions.


"Why do you offer two types of Trusts?"


About half of the FAA airplanes registered in the U.K. are in the name of a USA Trust corporation and about half in individually formed one off corporations.  Some U.K. companies and lawyers advise the public to go in the direction of one company.  To satisfy that market, we offer two types of Trusts. There are also some people in other countries who also like the idea of having just one airplane in an individual corporate trust.


We can supply you with an individual tailor made U.S.A. corporation.  Your aircraft will be the only aircraft for which that company will act as a Trustee.  We will register the U.S.A. Company at your U.K. or other foreign address if you chose; you may elect to have a choice of a directorship; you can keep the books and corporate records if you wish.  You chose the name of the U.S.A. Corporation.  Some people who own expensive airplanes prefer this type of corporate strategy. 


"What kind of experience does your company and its personnel have in dealing with FAA registrations?"


Our Directors have been registering aircraft with the F.A.A. for British citizens since 1978.  Originally this service was available by private invitation.  Now this service is available for all reputable and responsible aircraft owners.


Our experienced personnel can advise you on every aspect of aircraft ownership from finding aircraft in the United States, selling your FAA aircraft, ferrying, to placing a EASA registered aircraft in Europe on to the FAA register, obtaining airworthiness certificates and export certificates, annual inspections and FAA maintenance. Our advice is free to Trust holders!


"I  just bought an aircraft in the U.S.A. and I am intending to register it in my own country when I get home. May I fly the aircraft home with the previous owners registration?"


Once an aircraft is sold, the previous owner is required to inform the FAA that he is no longer the owner. After 9/11 a new law was passed. The FAA now requires the registration transfer to be completed before the aircraft can be flown by the new owner. Title 49 United States Code 46306 states that a fine and imprisonment for not more than three years or both is the penalty for both the owner and the pilot should the aircraft be flown before it is registered in the name of the new owner. This also applies to aircraft dealers. Indeed, we have acted on behalf of aircraft manufacturers and dealers who have registered their aircraft with our Trust company in order to fly the aircraft back to their home country.


"Do I have to hold a FAA pilotís license to fly an FAA registered aircraft in the U.K. or Europe?"


Absolutely not!  Under F.A.A. regulations, specifically US FAR 61.3(a) a pilot need not hold an FAA pilotís license to fly an N registered aircraft outside the United States. A pilot may operate an aircraft within a foreign country using a pilot's license issued by that country.


If you are going to America to purchase an aircraft, we can have the Trust Agreement ready for you before you leave.  As soon as you decide on a specific aircraft, just tell us the "N" number of the aircraft you have chosen and we will do the rest.  It is against FAA law/regulations to fly the aircraft in the previous ownerís name once your purchase is complete.


"Can you give me advice on getting my airplane home from America?"


One of our directors has extensive trans-Atlantic experience in GA aircraft going back more than thirty years right up to the present. His advice is free to Trust Holders.  In the summer, it is a pleasant flight and with one routing he can suggest, the longest distance you need fly between airports is around 525 nm. This director met in Greenland a Dutch restaurant owner flying his micro light from Holland to the U.S.A., he was trying for and did get into the Guinness Book of Records.  If a micro light can make it, your new purchase ought to.  But in the event that you want your aircraft shipped, we can recommend a USA based FAA IA inspector who has economically containerized and shipped aircraft to the U.K. and Germany.


"Your prices are lower than your competitors.  Why is that?  Does that mean you scrimp somewhere?"


We have cut our costs to the bone, yet we provide the same or better service than our competitors. That is the reason we have become one of the larger FAA Trust companies.


"What are some of the advantages of having my airplane registered with the FAA rather than with in Europe with an  EASA country?


The F.A.A. has told us that there are over 1,000 F.A.A. registered general aviation aircraft based in Europe.  That many people can not be wrong.


F.A.A. maintenance is far more economical than EASA maintenance and the requirements on pilots are less stringent.


It is relatively easy to obtain a FAA instrument rating compared to a EASA IR.  And you do not need to be retested every six months as in EASA land.  Your FAA twin rating does not have a requirement for a minimum yearly number of flying hours as a EASA license.  While a FAA IR or multi pilotís license is not valid on a EASA registered aircraft, it is valid on an "N" registered aircraft.  So that is another good reason to "N" register your aircraft.  British IMC ratings are not valid on the Continent, but FAA IR licenses are valid all around the world.  If you have received flight instruction in EASA land from a EASA flight instructor, say having had instrument instruction for your IMC rating, such flight instruction and hours flown counts towards your FAA license as per US FAR 61.41(b).


Standard FAA aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness have no expiration dates.  Once your aircraft has a C. of A., the FAA in Europe does not inspect your GA aircraft.  All you need to do is have had an annual inspection within the preceding twelve months, even if the airplane has been out of license or not flown for years.


There are times when you might not wish to have your aircraft insured. For example, perhaps you only fly in the summer season or you might have your aircraft in for extensive maintenance or modification. The FAA (unlike the CAA and all EASA aviation authorities) has no insurance requirements.


"What are the advantages in favour of buying or selling an FAA aircraft versus a European registered aircraft?


75% of the worldís aircraft are FAA registered.  You can fly and have serviced FAA registered aircraft anywhere in the world.  Since there are so many FAA registered aircraft throughout Europe and the world, when it comes time to sell your aircraft, you have a wider market for your aircraft.  When you wish to purchase an aircraft and require a specific make and model, and equipment, there are more aircraft from which you may chose.  There are also many FAA modifications, STCs, available for your aircraft, which are not available on the EASA and even those available on the EASA end up being more costly to install.


The equipment requirements for FAA aircraft, for say flying IR are not as stringent as for EASA aircraft.  Many items have time life on EASA aircraft, which is not always the case on the FAA schedule.


There is a reason there are over 1000 FAA GA aircraft in Europe and many more all over the world.  It is simply the best and most economical way to operate an aircraft.  Our trust prices are the lowest available, often half or less than that of our competitors.  You want your aircraft on the FAA register for the economies of cost and we want you to enjoy economical operation of your aircraft so we have cut our fees to the bone while maintaining a high level of service.  Why pay more to some other company just for the spin? 


The Federal Aviation Administration is the only aeronautical agency in the world whose government mandate is, from the U.S.A. Congress: "to foster aviation".  Therefore you will not get silly, expensive, unnecessary rules coming from some uninformed bureaucrats.  You will get reasonable rules and maintenance schedules so you might safely and economically enjoy aircraft ownership.  So join the FAA and allow IAS the pleasure of serving you.


Useful Contacts/Links Recommended For The FAA Aircraft Owner:


For F.A.A. maintenance we recommend Reginald Vincent.  Reg is a F.A.A. I.A. Inspector.

From 1997 to 2004, Reg was the Maintenance Manager first at Routair and then at Pathfinder Engineering at Southend Airport.

Reg can travel anywhere in the world to work on your aircraft.  He can perform anything from routine maintenance, to setting up maintenance schedules, pre-buyers inspections, 100 hour inspections, annuals, certification work for Airworthiness Certificates or Export Airworthiness, STC modifications, major or minor rebuilds on all aircraft from the smallest Cherokees right up to corporate jets.

Reg has worked with the C.A.A. and F.A.A.

Reg has travelled to Asia, U.S.A. and Africa to work on aircraft.

Previous to 1996 Reg was contracted to maintain agricultural aircraft in Africa for a U.N. program, and worked at Standstead as a F.A.A. licensed engineer on Fordís Boeing cargo jets.  Reg has also been an aircraft pilot/owner so he understands your requirements to fly safely and economically.

Reg will see to it that you, as a Trust Holder, get a discounted rate for the work you need.

Give Reg a call on +44 (0) 7774351913 and he will take care of all your maintenance needs.


For FAA flight instruction in England, we recommend Humphrey Penney who is both a F.A.A. and C.A.A. instructor.  He can give you bi-annual flight reviews, primary instruction, multi engine instruction and instrument instruction.  You can take instruction in his aircraft or yours.  He is happy to fly with you on Saturdays and Sundays. Check out his web site: http://www.sandtoft-airfield.com


All the personnel and directors at IAS are aviation enthusiasts and all have many years of experience.  We are dedicated to serve your needs on both sides of the Atlantic and all over the world.  We look forward to being of service.  From all of us at International Air Services, Inc., we wish you:





                 When you decide to land a trust for your aircraft


  You will want a trust that, no matter the terrain, will clear all obstacles.........

......and assure a smooth landing.


[Photos: Our CEO doing charity bush flying in developing countries.]